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Namaka Skincare

Namaka, the company I co-founded with one of my best friends, became a valuable entrepreneurial education. We wore many hats – from crafting the brand story and product line to building the website and executing marketing campaigns. This hands-on experience instilled in me a deep understanding of how to stretch resources and leverage strategic marketing insights.

By closely analyzing user data, we were able to reach a wider audience and achieve significant growth. Namaka's success, both online and through partnerships with national retailers like Urban Outfitters and Beauty Bridge, is a testament to the power of strategic marketing and a commitment to understanding our customer base. We eventually sold the brand to a competitor and closed that chapter of my book. 

Namaka X Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters carrying Namaka was a major milestone. To ensure our brand image aligned with this prestigious partnership, we opted for a more professional and elevated creative direction. This involved reshooting all our products – both in captivating still life shots and on models. We also included a dedicated press shoot featuring myself and Alix, allowing us to connect with customers on a personal level and share the story behind Namaka.

Namaka Influencer Wild Shoot

To bring Namaka's brand story to life, I led a product campaign shoot. I handpicked models and influencers who embodied our essence, then meticulously crafted the creative vision. From conceptualizing makeup looks and styling the shoot to scouting locations and selecting photographers, I ensured every detail aligned with Namaka's unique aesthetic. My oversight extended to retouching, guaranteeing flawless visuals that resonated across all platforms – web, social media, email marketing, and even our retail partners' channels. This multi-channel approach ensured maximum brand impact.

Namaka Branding and Launch

I built the Namaka brand, packaging, visuals, website, social, sales collateral, and the vision. 

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