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Charlotte Tilbury

As the North American Creative Operations Director for Charlotte Tilbury, I spearhead a dynamic team of creative professionals responsible for crafting compelling visuals across all marketing touchpoints. From captivating campaigns and impactful PR materials to engaging educational content, my team brings the Charlotte Tilbury brand story to life.

Beyond overseeing the artwork itself, I take ownership of project management, ensuring seamless execution and on-time delivery. Furthermore, I lead all regional photo and video shoots, fostering a collaborative environment that translates the brand's vision into captivating visuals. This collaborative spirit extends to our global and regional Visual Merchandising teams, guaranteeing a cohesive brand experience – from our stores to online platforms, advertising campaigns, and even your social media feed.


Hollywood Flawless Filter Repush

Charlotte Tilbury's HFF became an instant social media sensation, selling out faster than we could have anticipated. To capitalize on this phenomenal buzz, I spearheaded a dynamic 360° campaign announcing the highly anticipated restock.

I personally directed and produced both a photoshoot and video shoot, ensuring the visuals showcased the HFF's coveted appeal. I further contributed by crafting engaging copy for the video ads, driving excitement and encouraging action. Through close collaboration with PR and marketing teams, I ensured the campaign seamlessly integrated across all channels –, social media platforms, our retail partner's website, and even print publications.

This multi-channel approach effectively recaptured consumer attention and fueled a surge in demand. The campaign successfully drove traffic across all platforms, solidifying HFF's status as a must-have product for Charlotte Tilbury fans.

HFF Charlotte Tilbury 20220722_Charlotte Tilbury Stills80613 1 1-min.jpg
HFF Charlotte Tilbury 20220722_Charlotte Tilbury Stills80416 2.jpg
HFF Charlotte Tilbury 20220722_Charlotte Tilbury Stills80463 1-min.jpg
HFF Charlotte Tilbury 20220722_Charlotte Tilbury Stills80532 1-min.jpg
HFF Charlotte Tilbury 20220722_Charlotte Tilbury Stills80521-min.jpg

Charlotte's Holiday Experiential Events

For Charlotte Tilbury's holiday campaign, I played a key leadership role in shaping the brand experience across two exciting initiatives.

Charlotte Tilbury Holiday Pop-Up: In close partnership with the VP of Creative, Marketing, and our experiential event team TXG, I spearheaded the creative direction for the holiday pop-up. This involved leading the entire visual design process, from conceptualizing the overall theme and approving color palettes to selecting props. Furthermore, I oversaw the design of all supporting assets, ensuring a cohesive brand experience – from the dedicated pop-up website to captivating social media posts and targeted email campaigns.

Toronto Influencer Event: Further amplifying how holiday campaign, I collaborated with our PR team to develop a captivating Toronto Influencer Event. Leveraging the VP of Creative's and my vision, I played a pivotal role in crafting interactive elements, designing invitations, curating the décor, and directing the layout and artwork. This collaborative approach aimed to create an unforgettable experience for key influencers, solidifying brand loyalty and generating buzz for the festive season.


Magic Water Cream Launch

For the launch of Charlotte Tilbury's innovative new moisturizer, I spearheaded the development of strategic regional content to enhance the impact of our 360° campaign. Recognizing the value of audience-specific messaging, we aimed to create content that resonated with regional preferences and addressed specific skincare concerns.

This regional content focused on clearly differentiating Charlotte Tilbury's two powerhouse moisturizers. Through engaging visuals and clear messaging, we effectively communicated the unique benefits of each product. Furthermore, we showcased the new moisturizer's seamless integration into a comprehensive skincare routine, providing valuable educational content for our audience.

23.06.21-Sephora Water Cream PDP_Routine_10.jpg

Lip Blur + Hollywood Pinks & Reds Launches

At Charlotte Tilbury, I've spearheaded the creative direction for two successful lip product launches: Lip Blur and the Hollywood Beauty Icons collection. In both instances, I played a leadership role in crafting a cohesive brand story across all marketing touchpoints – social media, website content, experiential events, and educational materials.


Sephora Best Sellers Collections

In a collaborative effort with Sephora, I spearheaded the creative direction for a captivating photoshoot showcasing Charlotte Tilbury's best-selling products within the Sephora retail environment. These visuals served as the cornerstone of a comprehensive 360° campaign launched across Sephora's diverse marketing platforms.

I strategically repurposed these captivating visuals for various Charlotte Tilbury features, including captivating social media content, engaging email marketing campaigns, and targeted advertisements. This multi-channel approach ensured maximum reach and impact, amplifying the visibility of Charlotte Tilbury's best-selling products within the Sephora ecosystem.

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