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Architectural Digest

At Condé Nast, I thrived as the Global Senior Design Lead, spearheading the art direction for a vast portfolio of consumer-facing marketing across their iconic brands (Vogue, AD, GQ, Condé Nast Traveler). Leveraging audience insights, I guided a talented design team in crafting high-performing creative for paid social, website/email ads, print media, and subscription/promotion emails. This data-driven approach ensured our campaigns resonated deeply with target demographics, driving measurable brand engagement and exceeding key performance indicators (KPIs).

Beyond core marketing efforts, I also played a pivotal role in shaping the creative direction for AD's tentpole events, elevating the brand experience for attendees. Furthermore, I spearheaded the branding and creative direction for AD PRO Directory, their newest initiative.

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AD Pro Directory

For the launch of AD Pro Directory, I served as the design leader, spearheading the creative vision across a comprehensive 360° campaign. This involved fostering close collaboration with the editorial team, copywriters, product design team, and revenue leads to ensure all objectives were met.

My design approach drew inspiration from the elegance and functionality of the website itself. Working hand-in-hand with the product design team, I seamlessly integrated the user interface (UI) elements into the broader campaign materials, creating a cohesive brand experience across web, print, social media, and even out-of-home advertising.

Recognizing the power of AD's stunning visuals, I ensured my designs complemented rather than competed with them. The campaign leveraged subtle animation techniques, mimicking the user experience of swiping through designer profiles on the platform. For print materials, we showcased actual designer portfolio pages, further blurring the lines between marketing and user experience. This strategic approach aimed to draw viewers into the captivating imagery, ultimately piquing their interest in exploring the AD Pro Directory itself.

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AD Lifstyle Shoot

For Architectural Digest (AD), I conceptualized, directed, and produced a captivating lifestyle photoshoot. This photoshoot aimed to romanticize the concept of a curated home environment – one enriched by a collection of AD magazines. I meticulously selected all props and personally handled the styling, ensuring every detail contributed to the aspirational vision. Furthermore, I oversaw the retouching process to guarantee a flawless final product.

The resulting imagery transcended a single platform. These captivating visuals were strategically utilized across paid social media, digital ads, print publications, and email campaigns, amplifying the brand message and captivating audiences across diverse touchpoints."


AD/ AD Pro Global Subscriptions

At Architectural Digest (AD), I held a leadership role in overseeing all creative materials for both magazine subscription and AD PRO Membership advertising campaigns. This entailed directing and producing strategic photoshoots specifically tailored for social media, print publications, and digital platforms.

Furthermore, I fostered a collaborative relationship with the editorial team to leverage their expertise in identifying high-performing existing imagery. By integrating these proven visuals alongside our photoshoot content, we maximized the impact of the campaign across all touchpoints.

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