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At Condé Nast, I thrived as the Global Senior Design Lead, leading the creative direction for consumer-facing marketing across their prestigious brands (Vogue, AD, GQ, Condé Nast Traveler). Leveraging audience insights, I guided a talented design team in crafting high-performing creative for paid social media, site/email ads, print ads, and subscription/promotion emails. This data-driven approach ensured our campaigns resonated with target demographics, driving brand engagement and key performance indicators.

Beyond traditional channels, I championed innovative initiatives like Vogue World and Vogue Club, Vogue Shopping, and Vogue Holiday Gift Guides. This involved leading photoshoots in dynamic locations – from the CN studio and Anna Wintour's office to captivating off-site settings – all while collaborating closely with the editorial team. By aligning creative vision with strategic business goals, I helped propel these new ventures to success.


2022 Vogue Tote Campaign

For Vogue's 2022 subscription campaign, I led the design and creative direction to maximize the impact of their new tote bag subscriber offer. We leveraged in-depth audience research to understand the aspirational and "it girl" nature of our core demographic. This data informed the development of two key creative concepts:

The first concept featured a dynamic street style shoot capturing two influential Vogue editors wearing the new tote in their everyday New York City lives. This approach aimed to tap into the audience's desire to emulate the fashion authority and effortless style embodied by these editors.

The second concept was an in-studio shoot that really compliments the tote bag design. We wanted to showcase our authority by presenting a very tailored and highly-produced shoot to balance the street-style one. I styled the tote bag, shopped for props, and oversaw how all the images were to be used across web and print. 

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Vogue Lifstyle Shoot - Evergreen

For Vogue, I conceptualized, directed, and produced a captivating lifestyle photoshoot. This photoshoot aimed to romanticize the concept of a curated home environment – one enriched by a collection of Vogue magazines. I meticulously selected all props and personally handled the styling, ensuring every detail contributed to the aspirational vision. Furthermore, I oversaw the retouching process to guarantee that we can swap the magazine covers each month to make these assets evergreen.

The resulting imagery transcended a single platform. These captivating visuals were strategically utilized across paid social media, digital ads, print publications, and email campaigns, amplifying the brand message and captivating audiences across diverse touchpoints."


2022 Vogue World

For the highly anticipated inaugural Vogue World event, I led the design and creative direction across all paid advertising channels, including print, web, email, and social media. To ensure a cohesive and impactful campaign, I fostered close collaboration with both the editorial team and my design team. This collaborative approach ensured the creative vision effectively captured the essence of Vogue World, driving audience excitement and anticipation for the groundbreaking event.

Building on this momentum, I then led the creative direction for the post-event digital campaign – 'Shop the Looks of Vogue World.' This campaign leveraged the audience's engagement with the event to drive significant conversions for the brand. Through strategic design and targeted messaging, we successfully translated on-screen trends into tangible sales.


2022/23 September Issue

For two years, I spearheaded the creative direction for a comprehensive 360° campaign surrounding the iconic September Issue of Vogue. This immersive campaign spanned a diverse range of touchpoints, including out-of-home (OOH), print advertising, social media, web banners, and targeted email blasts. To further amplify the excitement, I personally directed two strategic photoshoots: one within the legendary office of Anna Wintour, showcasing the September Issue on her desk and the complimentary tote bag, and a secondary studio shoot to capture additional more traditional content for the campaign. Through this multi-channel approach, we effectively generated buzz and excitement for the highly anticipated September Issue, driving significant consumer engagement and brand awareness.

By leveraging the expertise of our retouching team, I ensured that key campaign assets – including magazine covers, background colors, tote bag artwork, and magazine spines – were all editable. This forward-thinking approach empowered us to seamlessly swap in more recent covers, artwork, and complimentary color palettes throughout the campaign. This innovative strategy not only delivered a visually stunning campaign but also saved the business significant time and resources by eliminating the need for monthly photoshoots.

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Vogue One-Offs

Here are 3 different campaigns that I wanted to showcase. Vogue - The Get, A studio shoot I directed and produced, and Vogue Shopping.

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