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Vitruvian Supply

As the Art Director for Vitruvian Supply, overseeing the brands of Meridian Life Balance and Life Medicinals, I embarked on a mission to revitalize their identities. Tasked with refining the work of a previous agency, I adhered to strict guidelines while infusing these brands with renewed energy and sophistication.

Meridian Life Balance

From websites to packaging, from branding to style guides, I meticulously curated every aspect to propel these brands to the forefront of their industries. My work extended across various mediums, including website design, packaging updates, and the orchestration of impactful photoshoots. Furthermore, I contributed to persuasive pitch decks, engaging social media content, and compelling blog narratives.

Through strategic direction and creative finesse, I elevated Meridian Life Balance and Life Medicinals to new heights, ensuring their continued success and resonance in the market. MLB is a CBD brand that focuses on pain management; targeting women from their 30s +.

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Life Medicinals

I produced a custom photoshoot for LM. This brand was targeting athletes for natural pain management using CBD. I produced and directed the photoshoot. Within that scope I also illustrated and concepted the still life photos. 

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