Art Direction

Providing Art Direction is something I excel at. I love taking a brand and carrying it across all platforms. I thrive while working with other creatives, and  always look to utilize their strengths to get the best visuals for the client. From packaging, web design, print and social media, I create consistent and effective visual direction that flows seamlessly throughout the brand.

I am currently working as the senior design lead at Condé Nast. Within my first few months I was able to facilitate and art direct a photoshoot in Anna Wintor's office promoting Vogue's September issue. I additionally directed a studio shoot for paid social evergreen content promoting subscriptions.
Namaka is a company I started with my partner Alix. Together, we branded Namaka, created a product line and made a sales and marketing plan. That included, creating campaigns, directing photo shoots, building and designing the website, making sales materials, creating social posts, and pretty much everything you see. Namaka is now carried in retailers nation wide. 
Ciccio Restaurant Group owns about 30 restaurants around Florida. I was the designer and art director for all of their brands. I branded restaurants, created the websites, assisted with the interior decor, designed murals, designed merch, helped with social media, and designed all print material.
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I was the art director for MLB. My first project was to give this brand a face lift and build out a new site. With the creative director I worked on packaging, directed/ managed photoshoots, designed all digital campaigns managed ad creation, social posts, emails, landing pages, click-through funnels, as well as designing and building the website. I worked with the creative director, ops manager, and owner to create the campaign calendar. 
I am currently working at Fhitting Room as the Senior Designer. In this role I create every piece of design that goes out. FR has moved their in-studio business to a digital platform and I have had my hand in every piece of this transformation. From redesigning the website (not live yet), creating digital ads, videos, photoshoots, emails, social posts, landing pages, and more. 
I directed and managed photoshoots for Life Medicinals. I illustrated the photo backdrops, hired models, and styled them. Life Medicinals is a sports pain management CBD company. 
Camp Kid Again is an all-inclusive summer camp for adults. I branded CKA as well as lead all the creative for ads, print, video and social. I hired photographers, videographers at the events and created campaigns throughout the year to get customers.